Bay Centre Recommendations for Tubeclamps

Posted: 05 Oct 20

When constructing a Handrail (Guardrail) it is important to consider the recommendations for Bay Centre widths below depending on the diamter of Handrail you use and the thickness of the handrail. We have shown in the table below 3.2mm diameter that is designed to be used with all of our clamps but 4 and 5mm thickness tubes are available on request. 

*Please note the dimensions above are for guidance only and are not intended to be used as an authorised specification dimension. 

Recommended Uses dependant on Newton Meters

360 (N/m) Industrial Use - Non Emergency - for example - machine guarding, shopping trolley bays

740 (N/m) Commercial Use - for example - pedestrian access / walkway / handrailing / staircases

1500 (N/m) Retail/Public Access Use -  for example - football / rugby stadiums, car auctions, markets / cattle auctions, concert halls

Please also consider Lateral Loading. Lateral Loading is defined as, the continuous and repeated application of a load on an object or structural component in a horizontal direction or parallel to the x-axis. Lateral loading can cause a material to shear or bend in the direction of the force and ultimately lead to the failure of the material.

If you have any questions around using the correct components for your application please speak to our Live Chat team, call our team on email us on