Tubeclamps in Park Design

Posted: 15 Oct 20
How to utilise Tubeclamps in Park and Outdoor Activity design 


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Whether you are looking to build something for personal use that could be used for childrens play or exercise or you are a commercial business looking to create an Outdoor Activity space then Tubeclamps are the perfect product for you. 

Tubeclamps are a great option for outdoor spaces with them being more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives, glavanised for long lasting protection and steel products are recyclable at the end of their use cycle. Tubeclamps are also suitable to be used as frame work for Soft Play centres, where styles and sizes of design can be changed quickly and easily offering versatility. 

If you own a fitness business Tubeclamps can easily be used to create a wide range of equipment such as monkey bars, dip bars, pull up bars, yoga structures and other similar items. If you have an interest in activities such as Parkour then Tubeclamps can be used to create interesting environments to traverse and explore.

With the help of our team your idea can be simple to design and requires no welding, specialist training or equipment and can be assembled with simple every day tools such as: 

  • Allen key/ratchet – tightening grub screws
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit  level
  • Jigsaw/hacksaw (cutting tube)  


Tubeclamps are an incredibly versatile product that can also be used in a wide range of settings for temporary or permanent applications such as: 

Pedestrian Handrailing, Indoor and Outfoor Furniture (benches, tables, shelving)

Shop Fittings (hanging garment rails and shelving), Work Benches

Market Stalls, Cricket nets, Polytunnels, Exhibition Stands

Garden Design Elements 

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