Home Building in Autumn

Posted: 22 Oct 21

Autumn is traditionally the season of toffee apples, Guy Fawkes, and Halloween but it can also be a prime month for home building projects. When considering which month is best for home building, many think of the spring and summer months as the best options. However, beginning construction in the spring or summer can end up costing you more money. Our guide below explains why Autumn could be a good option for you:

Firstly, there are a few aspects of Autumn weather that create perfect construction conditions:

  • Soft soil: Soil during the Autumn months is often cool and dry. These soil conditions are excellent for homebuilding because the ground is much easier to excavate. Contractors can dig, fill, and shape the home's foundation with relative ease.
  • Less dirt debris: Building during a wet spring or winter can create excess mud and dirt that could ruin the garden or access into the home. Since the ground is often drier in Autumn, this won't be an issue.
  • Mild temperatures: Temperatures in Autumn are not chilly like the wintertime or hot like the summer — the season's mid-range temperatures are comfortable for a construction crew to work all day and until late October working days are still relatively long and light.

Also, you may find other advantages to your Autumn construction project such as:

  • Cost savings on materials. Autumn is the "off-season" for building homes, so prices of some key materials and other goods may drop depending on demand, making it cheaper to purchase materials.
  • Keeping your project schedule on track. Since the spring and summer are popular for construction projects, builders, contractors, or architects may have fewer projects in the Autumn months.
  • A convenient move-in time for some. Often you build to be in your new home for Christmas Celebrations but if you have an entire family to uproot this could make winter a stressful season. With an Autumnal build you would be moving in during the Spring or Summer months.

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