Tubeclamps: Your DIY Guide to Home Improvement

Posted: 05 Oct 22

What are Tubeclamps?

Tubeclamps are essential tools that are used to fasten tubes together, or onto surfaces. They come in all different shapes, angle bends, and sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your project. They are most commonly used to construct handrails and walkways but can also be used in many different applications such as retail rails, display stands and niche modern home furniture projects.   

Our Tubeclamps are easy to use and put together as no special tools or fabrication processes are required. The components are joined together by a screw which requires an Allen Key to tighten. This makes them perfect for your easy, at home, DIY projects.

1. Sports Equipment

One of the ways that our customers have used Tubeclamps is to create sports equipment. Shown in the image is our 90° elbow and our 3-way 90° elbow Tubeclamps, used to create a frame for a football net in our customer’s back garden. Made of galvanised steel, this creates an incredibly sturdy, heavy-duty frame that is designed to take large impacts and last a lifetime. Our Tubeclamps are also resistant to any weather making it ideal for outdoor uses from snowy winters to heatwave summers.

Other examples of sports equipment you can create from our Tubeclamps is golf cage kits and bike stands. Using our Tubeclamps for sports equipment gives you the most affordable, durable, and versatile frames that are designed to last.

2. Retail Displays and Shop Fittings

Our Tubeclamps have also been used to create retail displays in local stores and major retailers such as Superdry. If you need that extra display but want to avoid spending hundreds on a retail display rack, you can create your own with our Tubeclamps just like our customer did.

Shown in the image to the left is our Guard Rails Wall Flanges Tubeclamps that have been used to design a clothing rack that is against a brick wall. This product is designed for both indoor and outdoor projects and can be easily fixed onto different surfaces such as brick, plaster, drywall, ceramic tiles, and concrete, making it ideal for any application.

Our Tubeclamps have also been used to create shopping trolley bays and standing clothing racks. They are heavy duty and can take the weight of heavy clothing items such as coats, hoodies, and denim pieces.

3. Recreation and Landscaping

On the image to the right is our 90° elbow Tubeclamps used to create a recreational facility. Our Tubeclamps are corrosion resistant and durable to all weather types creating a structure to last a very long time with little wear and tear.

If you are landscaping your garden, looking to design a show garden for events such as the Chelsea Flower show or just looking for a unique design for a local shared garden space Tubeclamps might be your solution.

For a recent DIY SOS project in Stoke the team used our clamps to create potting tables for a local community project. With the versatility of clamps, you can easily adjust tables for children or adults use just be having smaller cut tube sections which we can supply pre cut for you.

4. Garden Design and Outdoor Equipment

Greenhouses have been designed in the past using our Tubeclamps fittings. Using our Two Socket Cross and Corner Swivel Sockets you can create structures like shown in the images below. These components can be fitted onto solid surfaces such as concrete and brick. If your greenhouse will be fitted onto dirt or mud then it is recommended to pour concrete into the ground where the fittings will go, otherwise the structure may not be stable enough for high winds.

Outdoor equipment is also another example of how our Tubeclamps can be used. For example, the image below shows our Tubeclamps used to create a children’s playing frame. This isn’t only restricted to children’s playground items but can also be used to create fitness equipment structures such as dip bars, pull up bars, yoga structures and is perfect for Parkour/ Ninja Warrior frame builds.

5. Industrial Style Furniture

Our Tubeclamps are perfect for an industrial style piece of home building. Take a look at this table and shelf that was created with our 90° elbow bends, Railing Base Flange, Short Tee Galvanised and Wall Flange Galvanised.

Our Tubeclamps are strong enough to hold heavy weight on shelves and tables making it ideal for a strong focal furniture piece.  

Need Guidance?

Our team are experts on Tubeclamps and their application! Simply email us your enquiry or use our live chat today to get support on your project. 

We only supply Tubeclamps branded clamps, tested to the highest quality standards. At Steel Products Direct we dont accept immitations. 

We look forward to working with you!.   

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