Why GRP Flooring is the Perfect Option for you.

Posted: 05 Sep 22

At Steel Products direct we have extensive experience in helping our customers select the correct flooring solution for their project. Whether you are looking to replace some external flooring in your own shed/workshop or you require a solution for a specific industry such as leisure project with high public footfall, we can provide advice on the right product for you job.

One type of flooring we supply to a wide range of sectors across the UK is GRP Flooring. Below we will try to answer your key GRP questions:

What is GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Flooring?

GRP Flooring is a versatile, high-quality flooring make from Glass Reinforced Plastic and is a credible alternative to Steel Mesh Grating Flooring. GRP Flooring is part of our Safety and Access range due to it offering an efficient solution for increased traction along walkways, flooring, decking areas and more. GRP is made from strands of glass called fibres which are woven together to create a flexible fabric. GRP can be moulded around the shape of a product to create a perfect fit. It is extremely strong but is also a lightweight material.

What are the Advantages?

GRP flooring is strong and durable, weatherproof, and non-corrosive, requiring low maintenance with no need for painting or coating. GRP Flooring can also be available with an anti-slip (gritted) finish, making it ideal to use in a wide range of applications including steps and platforms. Its durable material means it can withstand harsh conditions with little wear and tear. Our GRP flooring also comes in green and yellow to reduce fading and discolouration. No spray painting or colour topping up is necessary, but it can be ordered to suit a bespoke RAL code for your project on request.


What is it used for?

GRP flooring can be used in a wide range of applications. Examples of some sectors perfect for GRP applications are show below:

We have recently supplied two Marina projects shown below. GRP works well in waterside environments due to its availability in a gritted finish which helps with slip resistance and its ability to withstand exposure to chemicals, wastewater and sewage if required. Our GRP products have been used at marinas and by the side of lakes/waterways.