Circular Hollow Section (CHS)

Circular Hollow Section - Round Sections - CHS

Our mild steel tube is also known as circular hollow sections, CHS, round sections, tube sections, circular mild steel hollow, hollow round and tube sections.

The circular hollow section in our range of mild steel tubes is available in a wide selection of widths (mm), thicknesses (mm) and lengths. Here at SPD we don’t offer cutting services on the site, but if you speak to one of the team we can discuss a range of cut piece and laser cutting options on this product. 

Multitude of applications ...

Mild steel stube can be used to create a huge variety of cylindrical components, and our hollow rounds are essential in many areas of construction including industrial applications, transport projects and even architectural jobs. Mild steel tube is used in a multitude of applications including being used extensively throughout the steel fabrication industry, as well as in manufacturing and building construction. Uses for circular hollow sections might typically include structural applications in steel columns, or in non structural architectural metalwork.

Durable and reliable ...

The product has clean lines and lacks any protruding edges, which makes it useful for withstanding environmental effects, such as weather conditions, dust or dirt, and all our mild steel tubes are corrosion resistant. And as well as looking good aesthetically, mild steel tube is strong, durable and reliable.

All of our circular hollow section is supplied cold formed but we can supply hot finished hollows on request. 

The Steel Products Direct team is there to fulfil any requirement you may have on mild steel tube, so get in touch with us for unrivalled quality products and the very best service as the UK’s number one online steel supplier. We always focus on a quick turnaround once your order is placed, so to ensure a quick a delivery as possible on delivery for this product, get in touch with us on 020 4511 5540 or email the team at