Steel Universal Beam UB 305x165x54

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Steel Universal Beam UB 305x165x54
Steel Universal Beam UB 305x165x54
Steel Universal Beam UB 305x165x54
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Mild Steel Universal Beam 305 x 165 x 54 UB

Our steel beams are S355 grade which describes hot-rolled structural steel with 355N/mm^2 minimum yield strength (BSEN 10025-2: 2004). Also known as BS 50B. Suitable for projects required to meet EXC2 of EN 1090.

Standard lengths are 6.1m, 12.5m and 14m but if you require cutting please select the 'Bespoke' option and enter the length(s) you require. At SPD your universal beam can be cut to any length.

The steel beam size shown are the height in mm (the web) x the width in mm (the flange) x the weight per metre in Kg. The vertical middle section of the beam is known as the 'web' and the horizontal component is the 'flange'. The vertical “web” and the horizontal “flange” of a Universal beam are different.

The height and width are measured as if looking at as a capital letter I, hence the name I beam.

Our RSJ’s are highly suited to construction and manufacturing projects where structural support is essential. They are hardwearing and strong.

For home building it is used to support walls and floors when making an opening in a load bearing wall or when building an extension. They are also used to make retaining walls in landscape gardening with sleepers placed between them. Another everyday constructional use for the universal beam is to construct the frames of modern office blocks, industrial warehouses and parking garages. Universal Beams are designed to take the weight of the structural support on its length, whereas a universal column normally holds loads along its vertical axis. Neither universal beams or columns are not equipped to take bidirectional loads. 

So that you comply with building regulations, you will need a structural engineer to calculate the loading and supply you with loading certificate and the necessary dimensions. Unfortunately, our team are unable to advise you on the size you require for your project.

All of our Universal Beams are supplied at grade S355 ensuring you receive the best quality material for your project. Please see our table below for advice on Universal Beam Grading. 

Structural Steel Grade    Tensile Strength MPa at Nom thickness between 3mm and 16mm
S235                                   360 – 510 MPa
S275                                   370 – 530 MPa
S355                                   470 – 630 MPa

Also know as: Steel Lintels, Steel Girder and load bearing steels, I-beams, I sections, H sections, Universal Beams, H beams and RSJs

Specification / Measurements
Web (mm): 305
Flange (mm): 165
Weight (kgs per m): 54
Grade: S355JO

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