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Steel Universal Columns / RSJ

Our Universal Columns are also known as UCs, lintels, girders, rolled steel joints, RSJ’s, H beam, H sections, continental columns and steels. Our Universal Columns are highly suited to construction projects where structural support is essential and they are also used for fabrication. They are hardwearing and strong. Unlike universal beams, universal columns have an equal height and width measurement. Our Universal columns are part of our structural sections range.

The steel beam size shown are the height (the web) in mm x the width (the flange) in mm x the weight per metre in Kg. The vertical middle section of the beam is known as the 'web' and the horizontal component is the 'flange'. The vertical “web” and the horizontal “flange” of a Universal Column are the same.  The cross section looks like the capital letter H, hence the name H section.

The universal column is rolled from a single piece of structural steel to maintain its structural integrity. All our RSJ’s are S355. S355 describes hot rolled structural steel with 355N/mm^2 minimum yield strength.

Universal columns are mainly used for columns, however, their small depth compared to universal beams make them ideal load bearing members when height is limited. A Universal column is structured to hold loads along its vertical axis and resist twisting, the universal beam is structured to hold loads along its length Universal columns normally have more square dimensions with a similar length and width to make the structure sturdier and less likely to twist. Neither universal columns or beams are not equipped to take bidirectional loads. 

So that you comply with building regulations, you will need a structural engineer to calculate the loading and supplying you with loading certificate and the necessary dimensions. Unfortunately, our team are unable to advise you on the size you require for your project.

At SPD your universal column can be purchased in standard lengths of 6, 12.5 or 14m or cut to any size you require. If you require a painted column please just ask the team for an updated price, lead time and availability.