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Mild Steel Checker Plate

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Our floor plate, also known as durbar floor plate, checker plate, diamond plate and steel tread plate, is the best steel products for slip-resistance. The rigid coat and dense studs create a perfect surface for anti-slip flooring and can be used in environments where health & safety is most paramount.  

They are easily recognisable and have an incredibly good grip. Checker floor plate is a form of high versatile steel flooring favoured by a range of industries. These include food production and construction. They can also be used on stairs, platforms, walkways, containers and so on. There many uses are what makes it a popular choice.

Not only are our floor plates perfect for ensuring safety under foot, but they can also be used as a decorative feature and are easy to clean. It’s raised area allows excellent drainage and reduces corrosion.

Our floor plate is specified in thickness (mm), width(mm) and length (mm) and here at SPD we sell a wide range to suit all your projects.