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Our floor plate, also known as durbar floor plate, checker plate steel, diamond plate and steel tread plate, is the best steel product for slip-resistance. The rigid coat and dense studs create a perfect surface for outstanding anti-slip flooring and can be used in environments where health and safety is most paramount.  

They are easily recognisable and have an incredibly good grip, and are ideal for any areas of heavy footfall. Checker floor plate is a form of high versatile steel flooring favoured by a range of industries. They can also be used on stairs, platforms, walkways, containers and so on. Their many uses are what makes it a popular choice, together with the fact they are also so easy to clean.

Safety under foot ...

Not only is our tread plate durbar floor plate perfect for ensuring safety under foot, but they can also be used as a decorative feature and are easy to clean. Its slightly elevated raised area allows excellent drainage and reduces corrosion. Our steel checker plate is a very durable product, and the way it is manufactured also makes it a very lightweight tread plate.

Extra grip ...

Our steel checker floor plate has a raised pattern for extra grip and is specified in thickness (mm), width(mm) and length (mm) and here at SPD we sell a wide range to suit all your projects. The raise pattern on the plate is what makes it effective and slip resistant. Because it prevents skids and slippage, it is effective in decreasing falls and accidents wherever it is used. A good demonstration is its use on flights of stairs – they are noticeable for their anti-slip properties on indoor or outdoor steps – a good example being a rainy day, where they can help prevent people taking a fall. Whatever the conditions, the anti-corrosion properties of our steel floor plates mean they will not rust, and you’re therefore guaranteed the product will have a long life span, even on areas where there is a continuous heavy load.

Wide range of applications ...

The plate can be used across a wide range of sectors and applications, and is ideal for use in agriculture, construction and the food sector, as well as many other industries.

You can order your steel plate online today – ordering from us couldn’t be easier, and our team will make sure you get the best service and top quality products – every time. All our orders are turned around quickly and efficiently, and whatever your requirements, we have members of our specialist in house team ready to help, so if you need advice on steel floor plates, we can help. For a complete cost, including delivery to your preferred location if that’s what you’re looking for, simply call us and we will do the rest. If you need further information about our steel floor plate, or have specific requirements or more questions, then please do contact us.

Delivery is two to five days on all mild steel and engineering steel products standard and cut. 48 hour delivery available on most standard length orders but will depend on the delivery address provided. Please check with our chat team if quicker delivery is required.