Checker Plate Steel

Mild Steel Checker Plate Flooring

Mild steel checker plate flooring, also known as durbar floor plate, floor plates, checker plate steel, diamond plate and steel tread plate, is the best steel product for slip-resistant metal flooring.

The stiff exterior and thick studs form an excellent surface for superior non-slip flooring, suitable for settings where health and safety are of utmost importance. 

Steel checker plate floors are easily to recognise and have an incredibly good grip. Industries favour checker plate steel flooring for any areas with heavy footfall.

You can use our mild steel floor plates on stairs, platforms, walkways, containers, and so on. Their versatility and easy cleaning make them a popular choice for many, especially in areas of food production.

Our durbar floor plate is both safe and decorative, making it popular for shop fitting and interior design applications too.

Its slightly elevated raised area allows excellent drainage and reduces corrosion. Our steel checker plate is strong and lightweight because of its durable manufacturing process.


Anti-Corrosion Metal Floor Plates

At Steel Products Direct we sell a wide range of metal floor plates to to suit all your projects.

Our steel checker floor plate has a raised pattern for extra grip and is specified in width(mm) x length (mm) x thickness (mm).

Our steel floor plates won't rust, no matter the conditions. They have excellent anti-corrosion properties and a long lifespan, even when used in wet areas.


Ordering Steel Checker Plates

You can order your steel plate online.

Ordering from us is simple, and our customer service team ensures you receive excellent service and high-quality products every time.

We process orders fast and efficiently. Our specialist team is available to assist with any steel floor plate inquiries.

Delivery is two to five days on all mild steel, structural steel and engineering steel products standard and cut. 48 hour delivery available on most standard length orders but will depend on the delivery address provided.

Please consult our chat team if you need faster delivery.




How Thick are Steel Checker Plates?

Our mild steel checker plates come in two sizes, 2000mm x 1000mm and 2500mm x 1250mm and thicknesses 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm.


What Grade Are Our Steel Sheets?

Our steel checker plates are available in S275JR graded steel. The composition of the checker plate and its shape means it's great for cutting, drilling and welding.


Do You Offer a Cutting Service?

If you require a cutting service for your steel flooring, please contact our customer service representatives either by phone or chat.