Handrails For Outdoor Steps

Our high-quality outdoor handrails are manufactured for domestic and commercial premises across the UK. They are ideal for use to any outside entrance, are sturdy and will stand the test of time, whatever the use.

The kits we produce are designed to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible, and we offer a wide selection of clamps and outdoor handrails. Whether you’re using them for home, garden or business premises, our specialist products give you year-round peace of mind. We can provide connector kits, clamps and outdoor handrails for every eventuality.

Quality handrails for outdor steps

Steel Products Direct manufacture quality handrails suitable for any steps, ramps or flat surfaces, and which bring support, balance and safety to any environment.


Every project is different, so if you’re in need of additional help and advice for handrails and fittings for outdoor steps, then contact the Steel Products Direct team. You will find us an email at sales@steelproductsdirect.com where one of our expert advisors will get back to you.