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RSJ Beams

Our range of RSJs are highly suited to construction and manufacturing projects where structural support is essential. There are various types of RSJs, which you will find can also be referred to as I- beams, I section, H Section, H beams, UBs, UCs, lintels, girders, rolled steel joints, continental columns and Steels.

The steel beam size shown are the height in mm (the web) x the width in mm (the flange) x the weight per metre in Kg. The vertical middle section of the beam is known as the 'web' and the horizontal component is the 'flange'.

Rolled steel joist ...

An RSJ beam, which is otherwise known as a rolled steel joist, is manufactured from a single piece of structural steel to maintain its structural integrity. All our RSJs are S355. S355 describes hot rolled structural steel with 355N/mm^2 minimum yield strength.

Making changes to a building can be a complicated process and there are a number of things to be taken into consideration before any work begins, and it is advisable to seek the services of a professional builder or structural engineer. For home building, if you are thinking about any major structural changes or you are considering removing a load-bearing wall, then you’ll require an RSJ beam to do the job. They are the steel beams which are most popular in construction work in the UK today. An RSJ beam it is used to support walls and floors when making an opening in a load bearing wall or when building an extension.

Load bearing walls ...

Most people will need to think about RSJ beams when any building is constructed, as load bearing and non-load bearing walls will be created as part of the infrastructure. The structural weight of the whole building is supported by the load bearing walls, whereas non-load bearing walls are used to partition or divide individual rooms within the building. If your aim is to create a more open feel to a building by removing a load bearing wall or even modifying one, then you’ll need an RSJ. RSJ beams are also used to make retaining walls in landscape gardening with sleepers placed between them. Another everyday constructional use for the RSJs is to construct the frames of modern office blocks, industrial warehouses and parking garages.

Structural support ...

RSJs come in two forms - Universal Beams are designed to take the weight of the structural support on its length, whereas a Universal Column normally holds loads along its vertical axis. Neither universal steel beams or columns are not equipped to take bidirectional loads. Steel RSJs are also eco-friendly as well as being incredibly strong, which is why so many people choose this option. They can be readily recycled so there is a lot less waste than when using other materials.
So that you comply with building regulations, you will need the services of an experienced structural engineer to calculate the loading and supply you with loading certificate and the necessary dimensions. You should always check that any drawings or calculations which are drawn up during the process are submitted to the relevant people for approval – your structural engineer or builder will be able to advise you on this. Unfortunately, our team are unable to advise you on the size you require for your project. At SPD your universal steels beams can be purchased in standard lengths of 6, 12.5 or 14m or cut to any size you require. If you require painted steel beams, please just ask the team for an updated price, lead time and availability.

Specialist in house team ...

The Steel Products Direct team can make sure you get the right products as well as the very best quality, and we always look to provide you with a speedy turnaround time. Whatever your structural steel requirements, we have members of our specialist in house team ready to help, so please call us no matter what you’re looking for in terms of RSJ beams. When you call us, we will always provide you with a complete cost, including delivery to your preferred location if that’s what you’re looking for, whether that is direct to site or your premises. If you need further information or have specific requirements or more questions, then please do contact us.