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Glass Reinforced Plastic Profiles 

Glass Reinforced Plastic Profiles are also known as GRP profiles and pultruded profiles. They are used widely within the construction industry, particularly as the construction world is always looking to innovate through structures that are quicker to build and lighter, whilst remaining strong and durable.

Our range of GRP pultruded profiles are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin.

Wide variety of applications ...

We offer GRP angles, GRP box sections, GRP RSJs/Ibeams and GRP U channels, all of which come in a range of sizes. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are regularly used in bridges, buildings and other structures. The manufacturing process means they provide excellent resistance to corrosion and have a long life as they are incredibly durable, meaning they offer a wealth of uses across a range of industries.

Their lightweight nature of our GRP profiles makes them easy to use during the construction process and that they can comfortably handle many different load requirements; the way they are made has changed in recent years thanks to developments in the machinery and technology used. They make an ideal alternative to traditional steel and timber as they are exceptionally strong and reliable, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll always find something to suit the project you’re working on.

Benefits in the built environment ...

GRP profiles offer significant benefits in the built environment, and our specialist in house team is here to help fulfil any requirements you may have. We always strive for the quickest turnaround, and it’s easy to get in touch if you need help or advice. If you need further information or have specific requirements, then please get in touch with us on  020 4511 5540 or Just give us a call and we’ll be pleased to help.