Glass Clamps

Our Glass Clamps are designed for indoor (G304) and outdoor use (G2205). They can be used to create a perfect glass balustrade solution in a range of environments such as offices, homes and for garden landscaping projects.

 The Fastec 316’s’ range of Glass Clamps are manufactured in G2205 for superior corrosion resistance at no extra cost, offering unrivalled quality and value. Our experienced in-house team can guide you in designing the perfect solution for your project

This classic D shaped outdoor grade Stainless steel glass clamp is designed to fit on a 42.4 dia. post, supplied with rubbers for 10mm glass. Supplied with free fixings to ease installation.

Available in two different finishes and compatible with multiple glass thicknesses, our glass clamps make the glazing process simple and provide a great looking end result.

Perfect for commercial or residential installations and both internal and external applications.

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