Steel Perforated Ladder Rungs

Our Perforated Steel Ladder Rungs are perfect for application on ladders where anti-slip properties are required, and are designed with safety and slip resistance firmly in mind. There are a wide range of industries that call on a ladder rung, and as an experienced supplier we are able to provide what you need, tailored precisely for the working environment for which you need it.

Gain additional traction ...

Examples of industries that may require a ladder rung are rolling mills, mining applications or power generation plants, but ladder rungs can be a useful solution and can be applied in any situation where additional traction is desired. Whatever option you choose, our steel ladder rungs help ensure safety underfoot whatever environment you are working in, and are offered in a variety of dimensions and shapes. All of our products ensure high slip resistance, and can be used whatever the weather conditions. Not only do they provide improved safety and reduce the risk of falls and slipping, they are very easy to install, look great as a finished product and add durability to your ladders by offering protection as an extra practical benefit.

Our ladder rungs can be mounted over existing ladder rungs or can be welded laterally to cross members or steel angles. For fitting to ladders with 25mm DIA rungs, type LSP35 special rungs are recommended. For new ladders we would recommend our LSP50 or LSP 50R type.

Increased high slip resistance ...

The surface of the rungs we supply are serrated (DIN51130) with large enough holes to prevent dirt accumulation, this helps increase slip resistance and makes them perfect for applications in the agricultural sector where conditions are often slippery or dirty underfoot. The ladder rung provides excellent traction and high slip resistance to both used ladder rungs that have become worn or slippery, or can be fitted to new ladders to as an enhanced safety feature. They have a significant positive impact on safety when installed, by protecting anyone who uses the ladders from slipping, and the ladder rungs will usually last as long as your ladder. They are resistant to corrosion, are compliant with safety standards and will not wear out – however often they are used.

Unrivalled levels of service ...

When you buy from the UK’s leading online steel supplier, you’re also guaranteed the best choice and unrivalled levels of service. These ladder rungs are made out of mild steel and are supplied in a self-colour finish, but other finishes are possible upon request. We can supply a wide range of Aluminium Ladder Rungs so please ask us for a quote on these. All of our steel ladder rungs require minimum maintenance and installation and will still be doing a great job years after they have been fitted.

*Ladder Rungs can be cut at an additional charge of £1.00 per cut, carriage on these products is calculated separately so please submit an order for these as a quote and the team will be in contact with you regarding total invoice amount before payment is taken.