GRP Grating & Flooring Products

GRP Grating and GRP Flooring Products

All of our Glass Reinforced Plastic / GRP flooring products are manufactured from Isophthalic Polyester Resin and available with an anti-slip finish. Steel Products Direct can supply GRP grating in varying depths, mesh apertures, finishes, colours, and sheet sizes available making them the ideal products to use in a wide range of applications including handrails and walkways, steps, trenching, overhead gantries, work stations, cooling towers, railway crossing points, platforms and structures. 

Sectors that particularly benefit from GRP grating include railways and highways, automotive manufacture, offshore and renewables, food manufacture, waste management and power industries

What our GRP Flooring Range Includes

Our products include GRP Open Gritted Flooring, Micromesh Gritted Open Flooring including Ballproof 20mm, Nosing and Tread Plates. We can also provide Concave Top (Ungritted) GRP, Solid Top Gritted GRP and Heavy-Duty options. Additionally, we can supply a red phenolic grating option which is perfect for tunnel projects as it is fire and smoke resistant.

On each GRP grating product, we offer a range of RAL colours available, if you need a bespoke RAL code product please submit an enquiry. 

Maintenance free

All our GRP flooring products are strong and durable and hard wearing, weatherproof, and non-corrosive, low maintenance with no need for painting or coating, with non-specialised tools being required allowing for quick installation. Also available with an anti-slip surface, making them the ideal products to use in a wide range of applications including, steps, platforms, and all types of GRP walkways.

Our products are lightweight, fire and chemical resistant, non-slip and always add to the aesthetics of your project.

In addition, because GRP has corrosion-resistant properties, is maintenance free, and our flooring and GRP walkway products have low life-cycle costs.

Our GRP walkways and flooring require very little to no maintenance over their long-lasting life span, so give maximum, long lasting performance. GRP also lends itself perfectly to be used as handrailing - it is lightweight, allowing transportation around site and can be fitted with non-specialised tools which enables quick installation. GRP handrailing is a great solution for temporary requirements as well as providing long term performance on installations.

GRP Grating is a Great choice

Moulded GRP grating makes a great choice for flooring for industrial and commercial environments because it is durable, has an anti-slip surface, is corrosion resistant, and is quick and easy to install. GRP flooring and GRP treads are particularly good when applied to areas of high public footfall due to their slip resistance and hardwearing nature.

If you require your GRP grating fabricated to shape, we can also arrange this with our processors, so the product meets the exact specifications of your project, saving you time and money.

Our experienced in-house safety access team have many years’ experience working with GRP grating products and will always be well placed to advise you on the application of this product to your project’s specific requirements. Whatever your GRP needs, our team is ready to help, so please call us no matter what you’re looking for We will always provide you with a complete cost, including delivery to your preferred location if that’s what you’re looking for, whether that is direct to site or your premises.