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Mild Steel Angles

Mild Steel Angles / Angle Irons

Our mild steel equal angles are also known as angle irons, angles, rolled steel angle or RSA. These rolled steel angles are lengths with an L-shaped cross section, often used in construction. They are measured in width (mm) x height (mm) x thickness (mm) and can also be cut to your required length. They make up part of our merchant bar range.

There are two types of angles - Equal angle and Unequal angle, depending on whether their width and height differ.

With the Equal angle the width and height are the same. The most commonly used mild steel angle is one which forms a 90-degree angle and has sides of equal length and width.

Mild Steel Angle Uses

Mild steel angles are most usually employed for a range of constructional uses including being used for making shelves, frames, brackets, trim, racks, most general DIY applications and general engineering applications, vehicle building and maintenance.

The way they are manufactured means not only are they corrosion resistant but they offer stability and strength, making them useful for a wide number of applications, including commercial, domestic and engineering.

Mild steel angle irons not only have a wide variety of functions, but are highly recyclable too, one of the properties which also makes them a cost-efficient purchase. They can also be easily drilled, cut and welded if needed, making them ideal for general fabrication.

Ordering Mild Steel Angles

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