Mild Steel Channels

Parallel Flange Channels: Overview

Our parallel flange channels, commonly referred to as U channel, C channel, C section, or PFC, are measured in width (mm) x depth (mm) x weight (kg). Made from S275JR grade steel, they boast excellent machinability and weldability.

We offer an extensive range of mild steel channels supplied directly from stock at some of the best prices online.

Tapered Flange Channels

We also offer tapered flange channels or C sections, measured similarly, and used in various construction applications. The tapered design of the flange distinguishes it from the parallel flange channel.

Applications in Construction

Widely used in civil engineering and construction, these channels are ideal for supporting floor joists and bearing loads above windows and doors in home building, offering an alternative to I beams.

Whether it's in civil engineering, home building, or commercial construction, their design and properties enable them to meet diverse functional and aesthetic requirements.

Taper Flange Channel v Parallel Flange Channel

The primary difference lies in their flange design. Taper flange channels have flanges that reduce in thickness towards the ends, which can lead to cost savings in material.

On the other hand, parallel flange channels maintain a consistent thickness throughout the flange, providing uniform strength and making them easier to connect and work with. This consistent thickness often results in improved load-carrying capacity and allows for the use of standard washers in connections.

Customisation and Cutting Services

At SPD, we provide custom cutting services to suit your specific project requirements, ensuring precision and convenience for all our steel channel products. We also provide steel preservation, including shot/blasting and primer painting along with cutting and drilling on request.

Contact and Enquiries

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