Blade Stem Connectors - Model 0150

Blade Stem Connector 36.0150.422.S
from £15.66
Blade Stem Connectors - Model 0150
Blade Stem Connectors - Model 0150
Code DLøBolt Unit Price Qty
34.0150.422.S 42.4 x 2.08042.4FF-10 £13.05 -+
34.0150.426.S 42.4 x 2.68042.4FF-10 £13.05 -+
34.0150.482.S 48.3 x 2.08048.3FF-10 £13.05 -+
34.0150.486.S 48.3 x 2.68048.3FF-10 £13.05 -+

Our high quality Fastec branded Stem Connectors are designed for indoor (G304 grade stainless) and outdoor use (G2205 grade stainless). They are combined with a handrail to create the perfect glass balustrade solution suitable for a range of environments such as homes, garden landscaping projects and offices.

The Fastec 316’s’ range of Stem Connectors are manufactured in G2205 for superior corrosion resistance at no extra cost, offering unrivalled quality and value. Our experienced in-house team can guide you in designing the perfect solution for your project

This slimmer profiled elliptical Stem Connector is designed for use with a 42.4 dia. tube and 2mm wall thickness compatible with a curved tubular handrail of 42.4mm diameter. Supplied with free fixings to ease installation.


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