Steel Myths Busted! Separating Fact from Fiction

Posted: 20 Jul 23


Welcome to our steel myth-busting extravaganza! As a leading stockholder of steel such as beams, RSJ, hollow sections, stainless steel, Armco barriers, handrails, flooring, and even GRP (glass, reinforced, plastic) we understand the importance of debunking common misconceptions surrounding these materials in a fun and entertaining way. Steel has been a vital material throughout history, shaping the world as we know it. Yet, amidst its versatility and strength, steel has also gathered its fair share of myths and misconceptions. Today, we're on a mission to unravel the truths behind the fiction. So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of steel!

Myth: Steel is 100% Rust-Proof!

Ah, the age-old misconception! While steel, including stainless steel, is renowned for its durability and resistance to corrosion, it is not entirely immune to rust. Steel is primarily composed of iron, and when exposed to oxygen and moisture, it can oxidize and form rust. However, modern steel production has come a long way, and manufacturers apply coatings like zinc or chromium to enhance rust resistance, making it pretty rust-resistant. But beware, it's not completely rust-proof!


Myth: All Steel is Created Equal!

We wish! At Steel Products Direct, we offer a diverse range of steel products, from carbon steel to stainless steel and alloy steel. Each type and grade are designed for specific purposes, ensuring our customers get the right material for their projects. Some applications may require steel beams for structural support, while hollow sections may be ideal for architectural designs. Remember, choosing the right steel is crucial for a successful project!

Myth: Steel is a Pure Metal!

Well, not quite. We provide high-quality steel alloys that are carefully crafted to meet various requirements. While pure steel, consisting of only iron and carbon, is quite rare in industrial applications, our steel products are thoughtfully blended with elements like manganese, chromium, and nickel, among others, to impart specific characteristics. This ensures that our customers receive the best steel solutions tailored to their needs.

Myth: Steel Buildings are Magnetic!

You might have seen it in movies, but sorry to disappoint you - steel buildings are not massive magnets! At SPD, our steel products are carefully manufactured to have reduced magnetic properties. While steel does contain iron, which is a ferromagnetic material, the alloying and manufacturing process usually reduce its magnetic strength. In most cases, steel used in construction is not magnetic enough to attract everyday objects like paper clips or forks.


Myth: Steel is Always Grey and Boring!

Who said steel has to be dull and monotonous? At SPD, we offer an array of steel products that can be customized to suit your preferences. From our array of steel products which can be shotblasted and primer painted different colours right on site to stainless steel with its modern appeal, the options are limitless! Additionally, we provide a wide range of GRP products that beautifully complement steel in various applications.

Myth: Steel Production is Harmful to the Environment!

At SPD, we are committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. While steel production historically had environmental challenges, modern methods prioritize responsible practices. Many steel manufacturers, including ours, have adopted energy-efficient technologies and recycling processes, reducing the carbon footprint significantly.

At SPD, we have recently been investing & installing renewable energy systems across our sites, with 25% now supported with on-site solar panels, LED Lighting in place to reduce energy consumption and the continued introduction of our brand-new Baumann Electric Sideloaders.


And there you have it, folks - the most common steel myths, thoroughly debunked and busted! Remember, steel is an incredible material that has shaped our world and continues to play a significant role in modern society. By separating fact from fiction, we hope you have had a better appreciation for this versatile metal.

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